Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Behm-a-long with the Knitmore Girls: Trillian begins the journey

One of the most popular knitting podcasts is The Knitmore Girls (blog, ravelry group), the mother-daughter team of Gigi and Jasmin from Northern CA. They have been podcasting since April 2008 and have (at this writing) 258 episodes. They have one of the most popular groups on Ravelry, and are known for lots of fun knit-alongs (KAL) and contests.

One of the current KALs is called the Behm-a-long. This features the patterns of designer Martina Behm. Martina is known for amazing creative and surprising simple patterns for small shawls and scarfs. The Behm-a-long is focusing (although not limited to) on the four patterns from the Hitchhiker collection: Hitchhiker, Lintilla, Magrathea, and Trillian. There is a topic on the KMG group on ravelry devoted to sharing progress on Behm-a-long projects.

I fell victim (albeit a willing victim) to the KnitPicks Black Friday week sale. I had two balls of Gloss Fingering in Cranberry that needed a job, and I needed a project for TV knitting. KALs are always fun - great for keeping momentum going when the rows get tediously long! I chose the Trillian pattern because it had a lot of easy garter stitch but a cute little yarn over lace detail.

The project begins!

After winding my yarn by hand (note to self: get a swift and ball winder!) I got started.

I worked on the pattern for about 45 minutes, and this is what it looked like when I was done:

um, yeah.

I found I had added an extra yarn over in one row. Since I wasn't familiar enough with the pattern yet and have never been great at tinking back, I just ripped it out and started over. I worked on it for another 45 minutes and was feeling pretty good, when I realized I had not followed the pattern in the last row I did. Feeling a little braver I tinked back a row, and got it straightened out. And then promptly put in a life line.

Now a life line for 20 stitches does seem silly, but I find that Murphy's Law of knitting applies to lifelines. If you put them in you don't need them. You don't put them in you will wish you did.

I'll be posting my progress on this. Stay tuned!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

GoodBuy: CyberMonday Tote Bag Sale

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