Friday, January 17, 2014

Is Monogamy all it's cracked up to be? Plus Behm-a-long update!

Now that I've gotten your attention...

I have mostly been a monogamous knitter. "Monogamous knitter" is the phrase knitters use to mean that they only work on one project at a time. I have tried to be a monogamous knitter, because I feared the dreaded "UFO" (the unfinished project that gathers dust in the back of your closet for years on end!). I worry that if I don't work on a project right away that I will never finish it.

The problem with this is that if I get bored with a project, or get my attention drawn to another project I want to start, I feel stressed to finish the boring project just to get through it and done. That happened with my Trillian scarf/shawl.  While the knitting was easy enough, it did get kind of boring (it is rows and rows of garter stitch after all). And I didn't finish it in time to wear it for Christmas, which was one of the goals. But I was afraid that if I didn't finish it I would never get back to it.

In the end I stopped it after it was just long enough to wrap around my neck as a cowl. In retrospect I should have continued it for another few inches, which would have made it easier to to use as a cowl.

I did end up liking the Knit Picks Gloss yarn that I used with this. While I was knitting it up it felt rather scratchy but after a soak in Wrapture it soften up quite a bit. I would use Gloss again.

But I am rethinking the wisdom of monogamous knitting. I think I will try having a few projects going at once, and see if I have issues with them ending up in Area 51 (where of course all the UFOs eventually end up...).

Current projects:
The Crazy Lace Cardigan class on with Myra Wood.  Just starting with the bolero. This is Cascade Sierra Quatro. I am in love with this yarn and want to buy WEBS entire supply of it and it's sister Cascade Sierra.

Starting a cowl with my Knit Picks Imagination yarn in the colorway Castle Walls.  This is for a Jane Austen group KAL challenge on ravelry. I've matched it up with Romi Hill's Sagebrush Infinity Cowl

And a cowl that I am designing based on the 3AM Cable Hat by smariek.  More to follow

What is your take on monogamous knitting?  Do you tend to knit only one project at a time? Do you have a limit of how many projects you have going at once? How long will you let a project languish before you give up on it?

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